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My Brooklyn, Vol.1,Landscapes

(Prospect Park, Gowanus, BQE)

12•12 Press 

©2016 Roberta Grobel Intrater

Hardcover, 8 1/​2" X 11", 32 Pages

NOTE: At this time, My Brooklyn, Vol.1

is only available as a special order.

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My Brooklyn, Volume 1, Landscapes

is the first in a series of photo essays focused on various aspects and neighborhoods of my favorite NYC borough.

This series isn't intended as a tourist's guide to Brooklyn - rather it's an ode to the place where I was born, spent my early childhood and most of my adult life;an homage, if you will, that reflects my sometimesquirky notion of its beauty (gritty or not), irony, diversity, and character.

If you can find the world in a microcosm, you can certainly find it in Brooklyn. Each photograph speaks to a certain moment in time, and as this work in progress continues to evolve, I'm looking forward to what will come next.

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