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A is for an African Adventure!

A is for an African Adventure! takes you on a journey through the alphabet

 to discover what a real SAFARI is all about.


A is for an African Adventure!

©2016 Roberta Grobel Intrater

Hardcover, 8 1/​2" X 11", 32 Pages

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Tired of Z is for Zebra? In this innovative alphabet, D is for zebra - that is, zebras taking a dust bath

(D is for Dust). It's also for all the dust you'll encounter on a real safari, just to give you a sense of the experience!


You'll also find sunsets and night stalkers, volcanoes and strange rocky outcroppings; hippo pools and broad savannas. And of course, plenty of wild animals doing 

what comes naturally - like weary lions hanging like 

sausages from a tree (X is for eXhausted!) and chatteringstorks to remind you that sound plays a very important role in experiencing wildlife.

 A is for an African Adventure! captures all the significant aspects of a real safari, from the vehicles that take you through Africa's most spectacular national wildlife parks (C is for safari Cars), to the places you can stay (T is for Tent) and the people, landscapes and animals you'll see along the way.

The brief text and engaging photographs are designed to spark the imagination of young readers and inspire further exploration of all the wonderful things to discover on safari - a truly awesome African adventure!

Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth
"Two Eyes, A Nose and A Mouth is a true celebration of humanity."
Susan Dove Lempke, Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books

"An elegant theme, simply communicated"- Judy Karsh, Children's Literature

Two Eyes, A Nose and A Mouth

ISBN 0-590-48247-5

POB Hardcover, 10"x10", 32 pages

Cartwheel Books/Scholastic Inc.

©1995 Roberta Grobel Intrater

Two Eyes, A Nose and A Mouth

ISBN 0-590-48248-3

Paperback, 9"x10", 32 pages, 

School Markets Edition

Cartwheel Books/Scholastic Inc.

©1995 Roberta Grobel Intrater

Teachers:Click here to purchase 

Two Eyes, A Nose and A Mouth

 ISBN 0-439-86535-2

English Edition, First Printing 2000

Paperback, 10"x10", 32 pages 

Scholastic Inc.

©1995 Roberta Grobel Intrater

Two Eyes, A Nose and A Mouth-

ISBN 0-439-86535-2

First Arabic Printing, 2006*

Paperback, 10"x10.5", 32 pages

Scholastic Inc.

©1995 Roberta Grobel Intrater

* US State Department edition

for distribution overseas

"Endearingly presented, with irresistible appeal”

“Two Eyes, A Nose and A Mouth takes Dr. Martin Luther King's message right down to the basics. Features of every shape and shade are endearingly presented, each with its own irresistible appeal.

Melanie J. Greenberg, N.Y. Times 

"Two Eyes, A Nose, and A Mouth is a photo-illustrated gem

that belongs in every pre-and elementary-school library. Ms. Intrater's life-size, face-only photographs are of smilers, from infants to elders. Her lyrical words address their similarities and differences. Words plus pictures impeccably capture the vitality, intensity and promise of childhood. As Ms. Intrater notes, 'Our differences make us special.' The evocative photos and eloquent words reflect the beauty in diversity." 

 Beverly Kobrin, Children's Literature

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"A delightful visual smorgasbord" 
"Intrater makes a wonderful graphic point of how dull a world of sameness would be. Young people watchers can spend hours gazing at these pictures without the usual pitfall of being told not to stare, while the text serves to guide viewers to the diversity in humans that many of us take for granted."Lisa S. Murphy, School Library Journal

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