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"Zach is a character the reader can relate to. The clear language, vivid descriptions and simple word choices make this story a good chapter novel for beginning readers. The holiday season, regardless of religious belief, is a time of giving and togetherness. The touching ending is a poignant display of decisions guided by the heart that leaves the reader feeling the true joy of the season."-Linda Lamme, College of Education, University of Florida, Gainesville

"A lesson in unselfishness and sharing" "When Zach's dog gets lost and then found again he receives a lesson in unselfishness and sharing which will last for a long time." -- Stan Steiner, Boise State Department of Education

"A pup is in the Christmas spotlight with this touching chapter book.... Sprinkled with supple watercolors and trimmed with thin red borders on each page, this gifty-looking volume gently tugs the heartstrings." 



Customer Reviews:

“Excellent...highly recommended”

“This book is an excellent book for infants. The photos are big and bright and catch and hold the attention of very young children. My eight month old loves this book. As soon as she sees it she gets very excited. She'll sit through the entire story without getting bored. Each time she sees the baby's faces she tries to touch them. Also,I like that the flaps are part of each story. They give an added surprise to each page. This helps to hold the baby's attention because there's something else waiting to be seen. I'd highly recommend this book. This is a great book to spend quality time reading to your children. I know you won't be disappointed."-- A reviewer mother with young children 



""A great starter book"

"My son is 16 1/ 2 months old & this is one of his favorite books. It is large & it's easy for him to lift the flaps & turn the pages himself. He will pick books w/ actual pictures of babies over books w/ just color illustrations. We will read this book up to 10x a day. The words are short & have a nice rhyme. And it's nice that it features multiracial babies. For months, I was trying to read my son Little Golden Book stories but he wouldn't sit still. I almost gave up reading to him. And then I realized he was just too young. Books like Peek-a-Boo, You! are great starter books for babies. After just a month of constant reading before bedtime, my son now brings book after book for me to read to him."--

Lilkttns, Cincinnati OH



"My 13 month old child loves this book. The life size photographs of smiling babies mesmerize her. She will see the book across the room and point at it until we read it to her. The large font will be easy to read when she is older. The rhymes are great for language development. The only downside is that it isn't a "board book" and she has to read it with an adult -- or she'll bend the pages in her enthusiasm. UPDATE: My daughter *still* loves the book and she's almost 2 years old. Amazing!"---

R. Julian (Corral de Tierra, CA United States)



The charming photographs will appeal to the youngest children, who enjoy seeing and watching other babies. And these babies are all happy babies with very expressive faces. The author provides a few words on each page, all of which center around the act of smiling. The book should help kids connect the concept of smiling with feeling happy. In addition, the author uses the words grin, chuckle and laugh; so that the idea that there are more ways than one to express something comes through. The six-inch size ... is small enough so that young children can hold it themselves, but large enough for the photographs to engage their attention. — Jeanne K. Pettenati, Children’s Literature


"Perfect for a toddler's short attention span, durable, great photos! A million dollar idea… Roberta Grobel Intrater must be some kind of genius. My eleven month old daughter loves looking at these photographs of different babies smiling back at her. It's like looking in the mirror....with a twist! It's a terrific book for babies/​toddlers and absolutely perfect for bedtime. My daughter LOVES this book, and that makes me SMILE too! We look forward to other books in the "Babyfaces" Series!-- "chilliebrady,


“A delightful execution of a simple idea… Good wholesome fun.”- Michael J. Mazza, Pittsburgh, PA


“This is my little sister’s favorite book. I bought it for her before she turned two and it is still one of her favorites. She has me read it over and over again. The pictures of the babies are just adorable. I would highly recommend this book.” – Danielle Rhoden, Jacksonville, FL

Babies love looking at other babies, especially when exploring the things they do every day. 


Peek-a-Boo! is a board book that preschoolers will love, particularly when snuggled in the lap of a loved one...Toothy grins and yawns, bright eyes, pouts,and tears deliver reinforcement for the spare text that echoes what all parents say and play to get that picture-perfect response; e.g., “Peek-a-boo! I love you.” Toddlers love looking at other children and this title will hold plenty of interest for them.”--Susan Garland, School Library Journal

“The book has several excellent features, including the use of large, distinct photos against a black background... The full text is a simple rhyme.. which follows the babies' expressions. Children will enjoy looking at the baby faces and learn to connect the expression with the word that describes it.”-- Jeanne K. Pettenati, Children’s Literature

Peek-a-Boo! has high appeal thanks to photographs of a multiethnic cast of babies whose faces express different emotions."-- Kathleen Odean, American Library Association 


Love love love it!" Who doesn't love playing peek-a-boo! This book is loads of fun!"-- jlc4056, NY

"A favorite first book for all 3 of our children. With our first child, I was crushed when, as an infant he didn't seem interested in books.. but I was thrilled when he became enamored with this book! For months it was a favorite and I believe paved the way for his early loving of other books. This book is superior to others. Our second child loved it as well and now, our third child is also laughing at the babies, with our oldest reading the simple words to her! We all highly recommend it!"-- Virginia E. Farrell "The Discerning Mom", Albany, NY 



"My 13 month old child loves this book. The life size photographs of smiling babies mesmerize her. She will see the book across the room and point at it until we read it to her. The large font will be easy to read when she is older. The rhymes are great for language development. UPDATE: My daughter *still* loves the book and she's almost 2 years old. Amazing!"- California Mom

"My 17 month old loves this book. She will ask me to read it repeatedly. That is okay, because I can always coax a few hugs and kisses out of her when we do read the book.  The pictures are great of many babies and parents getting hugs and kisses."
-- E. Suter "erindipity" (D'Iberville, MS)

Customer Reviews:
“The first book my baby loved!”
“My 3-month old LOVES this book, and there's no book more fun to read with him.”-- Josh W-P

“A favorite”
“This book has been one of my son's favorites for months now (he's 18 months). He loves to look at the happy faces of other babies and their mothers. He hugs and kisses the book and grins from ear to ear as we read it over and over again. There is very little text and it has a good rhythm so it is a good read in a distracting setting like a waiting room.”


"Sweet little book. It is very simple, yet my 11-month-old granddaughter spends a lot of time looking at the wonderful pictures. It is great too because she usually gives hugs and kisses to her doll, teddy or even better to me! A great little book to have at my house when she comes to visit."
-- Kath, St. Louis, MO




"A delightful visual smorgasbord." 
"Intrater makes a wonderful graphic point of how dull a world of sameness would be. Young people watchers can spend hours gazing at these pictures without the usual pitfall of being told not to stare, while the text serves to guide viewers to the diversity in humans that many of us take for granted."
Lisa S. Murphy, School Library Journal

More Literary REVIEWS:
"A true celebration of humanity"
"For once children will not be reprimanded for staring at someone, as Intrater has given them an entire picture book full of fascinating faces to study. A true celebration of humanity, this will be a certain purchase for many libraries, families, and schools."
Susan Dove Lempke, The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

"An elegant theme, simply communicated."
"More than one hundred close-up photographs of the faces of an ethnically, racially, and actuarially diverse population help author Intrater make her point that people are more alike than different, and that such differences as do exist are more to be celebrated than erased, hidden, or ignored. It's an elegant 
theme, simply communicated." 
Judy Karsh, Children's Literature

Endearingly presented with irresistible appeal.”
“Two Eyes, A Nose and A Mouth takes Dr. Martin Luther King's message right down to the basics. Features of every shape and shade are endearingly presented, each with its own irresistible appeal.” 
Melanie J. Greenberg, New York Times Special Features

"A photo-illustrated gem"
"Two Eyes, A Nose, and a Mouth is a photo-illustrated gem that belongs in every pre-and elementary-school library. Ms. Intrater's life-size, face-only photographs are of smilers, from infants to elders. Her lyrical words address their similarities and differences. Words plus pictures impeccably capture the vitality, intensity and promise of childhood. As Ms. Intrater notes, 'Our differences make us special.' The evocative photos and eloquent words reflect the beauty in diversity."
Beverly Kobrin, Children's Literature

Two Eyes

SLEEP- Amazon reviews


4.0 out of 5 starsCute book to read before bed, but I did ...

ByGA Teacheron September 6, 2015

Format: Board book|Verified Purchase

Cute book to read before bed, but I did notice that the photos look somewhat out of date since an infant is put to sleep with a blanket near its face. Definitely not a SIDS prevention book, but cute anyway.

Customer Review:
"The beauty of the human race" 
"This is a book about the beauty of the human race and the Oneness of Humanity. My little daughter, from the age to two, loved this book. The large pictures of faces, of every race and color, are gentle and appealing. The text talks about what we have in common. Everyone has eyes, a nose and a mouth, but they can be so different and in such different combinations. But what if we all looked the same? One page shows multiple photos of the same face, how boring. How much more delightful that we have such different characteristics: bushy eyebrows, turned-up noses, thick and thin lips. I have used this book at several story times, preschool classes, and events where I need to engage the attention of the littlest ones. You will, too."
Candace Hill, Evanston, IL

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